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What is Stunt?  STUNT is a new competitive team sport that has derived from traditional cheerleading. STUNT removes the crowd, focusing on the technical and athletic components of cheer, which include elite/group stunts, pyramids, basket tosses, jumps and tumbling skills. Each contest will consist of four quarters of play (Stunts, Pyramids & Tosses, Group Jumps & Tumbling, and Team Performance) with a halftime in between the second and third quarters. STUNT was developed by USA Cheer with collaboration from groups of Title IX experts as well as known coaches and experts in the All-Star and traditional cheerleading community. USA Cheer is the national governing body for cheer as a sport in the United States.  Click the link for a more detailed video about stunt.

What is Stunt Video

This innovative approach will allow us to better train and prepare kids for both high school and college cheerleading.  Both MGA and TUC owners are leading the way to address the needs of parents for affordable cheerleading training without the long time commitment.  By creating this partnership, we have been able to lower the cost to participate, reduce the time commitment so kids can continue to enjoy their time off, and help to prepare kids to cheer in college.

How is STUNT different to traditional competitive cheerleading?  STUNT focuses on technique, progressions, and on the athletes’ strengths.  Because the competition is broken into 4 quarters, this allows coaches to place kids based off of their strengths.

What is my time commitment?   Our STUNT team will practice one day a week for only two hours.  There may be times where we bring in individual stunt groups or tumbling teams to work a little extra if needed.

What is the cost?  Because stunt teams do not wear traditional uniforms and competitions are head to head, the cost to participate is considerably cheaper than traditional competitive cheer and all-star cheer teams.  The average cost per month will be under $90.

Where do we compete? Because events are head to head, our teams will travel to different cheer gyms in the state of Georgia.  There will be no overnight stays, and currently competitions will be held in Macon and Savannah.  We are currently working on the schedule and getting other gyms to participate. 

When does the season start and end?  The season will start in December and will conclude in April.  Practices will be held on Sunday evening so kids can participate in other school activities.

How can I get more information?  We will have an informational meeting on November 16th, 2017 at 7:00 pm.  The meeting will be at MGA Cheer Extreme located at 240 Mercer Junction, Macon GA 31210

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