5 Tips to Prevent A Parent’s Biggest Fear!-Tip 2-You Are What You Eat!

If you are just joining us the blog has been broken down into 5 separate blogs.  If you did not read Tip 1, click the link below. CheerSport Nationals; Tip 1 Tip #2-Proper Nutrition- Way too many times 20 minutes before a competition, I see a parent trying to shove some fried food into their … Continued

5 Tips to Prevent A Parent’s Biggest Fear!-Tip 1-P to the Second Power

Tip 1 It’s every competitive cheer parent’s/mom’s worst nightmare! Your child’s team has been preparing all year for this one event. He/She has been chasing this dream all year, the dream to become a National Champion!   You have attended every practice; make sure that you know exactly how the team is doing. You can tell … Continued

What you need to Know before Rutland High School Cheer Tryouts!

Tips and Expectations to be a Rutland Cheerleader   When growing up it is every girls dream to be a High School Cheerleader! No matter what high school you attend, on Friday night you can always see little girls in their cheerleading uniform, standing at the fence doing the cheers and chants with the high … Continued

Are you MGA Strong!!!!!

“MGA Strong!” You see cheerleaders, I see a way of LIFE! You see the word CHEER-leader, I see the word cheer –LEADER!   You see a team, I see a FAMILY!   Where you say “I”, I say “WE” because TOGETHER WE CAN!   What you see as Failure, I see as a learning opportunity… … Continued

How To Tell If You Will Make The Cheer Team!

My name is Jimmy Redus and I started my cheerleading career back in 1988. I had dreams of being the first male cheerleader at my school, and after attending a week long tryout clinic, (which personally, felt like I was back at wrestling camp), I had those dreams crushed only to find out I did … Continued

2015-2016 MGA Team Placement

I want to say congratulations and welcome everyone joining the MGA Family as we head into our 19th season.  The lists below are the team placements with meet time and practice starting next week.  We will provide all information regarding expected team levels, competitions, and yes, show the NEW MGA UNIFORM!  We are super excited … Continued

MGA Galaxy Gets Bid to Attend 2015 Cheerleading Worlds!

MGA Cheer Extreme-is headed to the World Cheerleading Championship Earning a bid at the WSA National Championships, MGA is the only program in middle Georgia invited to attend. Macon GA, March 24th, 2014:  MGA Cheer Extreme received a bid to the 2015 Cheerleading Worlds to be held in Orlando, FL on April 25th-27th, 2015.  MGA … Continued

A Weekly Plan to Help you Have a peformance of a life time

Last week we talked about the benefits of getting into a routine 30 days prior to your big competition.  Today, I wanted to provide you with a sample routine of what you should be doing before your big event.  Currently there are 19 days till CheerSport Nationals and this is the program I’ve laid out … Continued