Here We Grown Again!

Press Release MGA Cheer Extreme-Comes to Tifton To Help Celebrate MGA’s new location, MGA will host a Free Clinic and Open House for kids ages 5 to 18 on May 7th from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Tifton GA, April 26th, 2016 MGA Cheer Extreme is a cheerleading and tumbling training center that was founded … Continued

Top 5 Questions To Consider When Choosing The Right Cheer Gym!

It’s that time of year again!  Yes it is tryout, skill evaluations, team placement, or what ever else you want to call it.  It is that time of year where cheer gyms and gymnastic gyms alike, are looking to fill their competitive all-star teams roosters.  Whether your are a professional All-Star parent who has been … Continued

Macon-MGA Cheer Extreme-Celebrates it’s 20 years in “The Macon”

“Thank You to Macon and the Middle Georgia for supporting MGA through the years. To Help Celebrate, MGA is hosting a Free Clinic for kids ages 5 to 18!”   Macon GA, MGA Cheer Extreme is hosting Free Clinics, to say Thank you Macon and Middle Georgia area for supporting MGA Cheer Extreme!  MGA Cheer … Continued

MGA Cheer Extreme, 20 Years in “The Macon”

MGA Cheer Extreme 20 Years in “The Macon”   It is hard to believe that MGA Cheer Extreme is approaching it’s 20 years in “The Macon!” When I sat back and looked at just how long 20 years was, I realized that MGA has been around longer than Google, YouTube, the I Phone, and Facebook. People … Continued

MGA Lady Orbit Wins CheerSport Nationals

MGA Wins CheerSport! MGA Cheer Extreme Crowned National Championship! With over 11,000 cheer teams, CheerSport Nationals, is the Super Bowl of Cheerleading!  MGA won the CheerSport National Championship earning the opportunity to compete at The Summit Championship in April. MGA Cheer Extreme attended the CheerSport National championship in Atlanta, GA on February 13th-14th of this … Continued

5 Tips to Prevent a Parent’s Worst Nightmare-Tip 5-Be a Team Player

If you are just joining the conversation, you can read tips 1-4 Tip 1- P to the second power! Tip 2- You Are What You Eat! Tip 3-Sleep Like an Olympian Tip 4-It’s Not a Vacation   Tip #5- Be a team player!- You have supported your coach all year, with every decision he/she has … Continued

5 Tips to Prevent A Parent’s Biggest Fear!-Tip 2-You Are What You Eat!

If you are just joining us the blog has been broken down into 5 separate blogs.  If you did not read Tip 1, click the link below. CheerSport Nationals; Tip 1 Tip #2-Proper Nutrition- Way too many times 20 minutes before a competition, I see a parent trying to shove some fried food into their … Continued

5 Tips to Prevent A Parent’s Biggest Fear!-Tip 1-P to the Second Power

Tip 1 It’s every competitive cheer parent’s/mom’s worst nightmare! Your child’s team has been preparing all year for this one event. He/She has been chasing this dream all year, the dream to become a National Champion!   You have attended every practice; make sure that you know exactly how the team is doing. You can tell … Continued