Welcome to MGA’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale!

(This special is for new students only.)

Do you want your child to have a better self esteem?  Do you want them to learn about discipline, accountability, and perseverance all while having a blast?   If so, then MGA is the place for you!  At MGA we believe the most important skill we will ever teach isn’t the perfect back handspring, tuck, layout, or full but rather the values and dedication it takes to learn those skills.  We call this being #MGASTRONG.  Click on the video link to see what being #MGASTRONG is all about.



Are you ready to become #mgastrong?  If so, take advantage of our amazing special and get 4 weeks of unlimited classes for 50% off our already low rate of $49!

To take advantage of this amazing offer follow the steps below:

  1. Click the SIGN UP BUTTON below
  2. Create a new account
  3. From the class filter, select the program drop down and pick skill Evaluation.
  4. Select the day you would like for your skill evaluation to be set up, and click enroll now
  5. Select the student you would like to enroll, and click continue to enroll.
  6. Click add to cart. (It will look like you have to pay $49 but don’t worry)
  7. Click proceed to check out
  8. Under promotional codes enter : bf2017 then click apply (you should now see the $24.50 rate, then click continure
  9. Fill out your payment information and you are all done.
  10. We will have one of our staff members call you to set up the skill evaluation time.

If you have any questions, simple email us at [email protected]