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The MGA Cheer Extreme was built on the Team motto Together We Can!  This motto coupled with the teaching of our core values of dedication, determination, perseverance, makes our athletes not only stand out on the floor, but in the classroom as well!  It is these core values that will build your child’s self esteem, and is what we refer to as being #MGASTRONG.

YEP! There is a team for EVERYONE!

With Travel Teams, Regional Teams, and Half year Exhibition teams,  for cheerleaders ages 4-18 years old, beginners to advance, MGA Cheer Extreme has a team for you!  This system allows our athletes to train safely, while learning the importance of goal setting.

Recreational All-Stars-The purpose of Recreational All-Stars is to give children the All-Star Experience, without the financial commitment, time commitment, or stress of competitive cheer.  This 4-month class allows kids to learn at their own pace, showcase skills that they have worked hard to master, participate in other sports and activities outside of cheer, all without the stress of competition.  MGA’s Recreational All-Stars provides the excitement of competition cheer, without the stress of placements and levels.  Recreational All-Star teams still focus on MGA’s core values, of discipline, dedication, and teamwork, all while building your child’s confidence.


Regional All-Stars- Ready for Competition, but not ready for the travel and time commitment of our MGA Elite All-Star Teams?  If so, then MGA’s Regional All Star team is perfect for you!  Our regional teams practice twice a week and will attend 4 competitions.  MGA’s Regional teams will focus on MGA’s core values of discipline, dedication, and teamwork, all while building your child’s confidence.  MGA’s Regional Teams will compete 3 competitions in the state of Georgia, so travel is limited.  Our Regional Teams will wrap their season up with a destination competition with the entire MGA program.


MGA Elite All-Star Teams- Ready to take your cheerleading to the next level?  If so, MGA’s Elite All-Star program is for you!  MGA’s Elite All-Star program is for athletes, who are looking to be a part of highly competitive cheerleading program.  Our Elite All-Star teams practice twice a week, have an additional tumbling classes, compete both locally, as well as Nationally, and are for those kids and families who are looking for a little more.  No need to worry our Elite All-Stars are taught using MGA’s Core Value systems, to help kids understand the importance of discipline, dedication, and teamwork, to help build a strong self esteem.  Because we are looking for the most talented kids in the area, certain skills are required to make the different level teams that MGA offers.


Would you like for your child to have more confidence and become #MGASTRONG? Are you looking to be a part of an organization that will have a positive impact on your child’s life?  If so, we’re excited to meet you and welcome you into the MGA Family.  Please take a moment to fill out the form below and we will happily email you our tryout packet so you have all the pertinent information!  If you prefer to speak with someone directly, simple call either of our locations at the numbers below.

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